5/6/2013 From the desk of Jeffrey Lowden

5/6/2013 From the desk of Jeffrey Lowden

From the desk of

Jeffrey Lowden


Question: Why are Office Building Tenants retaining sophisticated Brokerage
assistance for smaller and smaller square footage requirements

Answer: Because you need to know the economic concessions or you are
losing out


  • If you had the IRS after you would you go it alone?
  • If you had a tooth ache would you just pull it out?
  • If you were served with a lawsuit would you go it alone?

Then why do you think you can go it alone when it comes to a commercial real
estate lease? Like any professional with 25 years experience it is important to work with
someone that can navigate a tenant through the options and opportunities in
commercial real estate.
I tell prospects “If you don’t use SKY WEST you need to use a commercial Broker
because there are a lot of tricks in our business and you need to be represented”.

  • Free Rent
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Term of Lease
  • Location
  • Lease Rate
  • Ownership
  • CAM Charges
  • Building Maintenance
  • Property Management Responsiveness
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Letter of Intent
  • Tenant Rules & Orientation
  • Building Improvements & Amenities – Do they fit with
  • Tenant needs?
  • Air Resources
  • Energy Conservation & Green Concepts – Is building owner current on
  • trends and improvements in Energy Mgt?
  • Storage
  • Move Up clause – No penalty
  • Comparable lease spaces and pricing
  • Knowing all that is available on the market (COMPS)

These are just some of the issues that need to be discussed.
Please visit www.SkyWestServices.com or visit our offices in Reno, Las Vegas,
Los Angeles or Boise. There is a gold rush taking place in Real Estate. Stake your
claim with Sky West