Sky West and its affiliated companies believes in giving back to the community. Every year we donate to local charities and believe that to have a strong community you have to live, work and give to your community.  Nativity Stones LP is one of our companies who has built churches and housing, donated to the Vatican for the Jubilee 2000 to raise awareness for Children and continues to give every year.
People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) was started by our Pastor and what an impact it has helping over 1000 families every Month.  Inner City Arts helps underprivileged kids who need a hand up not a hand out. Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles continues to be a leader for those kids with serious chronic diseases.

Attached are a few programs and our small support for such great causes.

Children Hospital Los Angeles


Inner City Arts


University of Nevada


People Assisting The Homeless


Please contact us if you want to help make a difference.

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