“My dad told me when I was young that if you wanted to learn about a car and how it works buy a Junker, tear it apart and put it back together again.  Well, I never did buy the car, but I did when it came to real estate and the example always stuck with me.”  Jeffrey Lowden , Director

Jeffrey Lowden came out of grad school when the S&L mess was blowing up in 1990.  The RTC was taking back real estate on a much smaller scale than today and there were no jobs.  So he ended up starting his career with a home building company.

Today, he’ll confirm that it was perhaps the best thing he did because it taught him about the intricacies of construction and the inner workings of how to make a house into a home and a piece of land into a successful enterprise.

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Pictures of the Dunes Business Park Being Constructed  

At Sky West we believe in the saying:  “If you build it they will come”.  Let us help you fulfill your investment dreams today.

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