Evaluating our clients’ investments from the inside-out

There is so much to consider when our clients are looking to acquire an asset or invest in a project. Every property is unique and a detailed -plan needs to be put in place and executed correctly to be successful. 

Before we embark on any venture, we look from the inside out to evaluate the proposition at hand:

  • Will it take 1 month or 1 year to cash flow?
  • Will the leasing team dedicate enough time to fill up the building to cash flow positive or do we need to hire in-house management to control lease up? 
  • How long before we are into net income?
  • What is the market vacancy and can we rent the building for our assumed lease rates to pay the mortgage and bills as well as get a return on our investment (“ROI”)?
  • Are we buying the property on a cap rate that will allow us a yield that matches with the risk we are taking?

Sky West has over 20 years of successful experience that has taught us to take as much risk out of the acquisition as possible.  We spend as much as a year looking at the risk.  For an overview of our evaluation process, please review the document entitled: The Power and Payoff of Due Diligence.

You need an experienced team to help you navigate thru all the issues.  Sky West is the right team and can save you time and money, time and time again.

When you’re ready to invest in commercial property, or just have a few questions, please contact us at any time.