Jeffrey Lowden

President, Jeffrey Lowden

Your first impression will tell you that Jeffrey Lowden is a down to earth individual who has a business acumen built on relationships, trust and good old fashioned hard work. That’s the outside; inside his patience and intelligence fuels the power of the passion he has to ensure his company and clients succeed.

His business knowledge spans the globe with his experience as a commercial developer, broker and real estate investor built from his connections and contracts in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

No matter what the challenge, Jeffrey Lowden has a special talent for maximizing profit while providing opportunities for those who seek his expertise in negotiations, communications and commerce.

From a personal point of view, Jeffrey is one of those “likeable” guys with a personality that welcomes all walks of life. He’s happily married to his wife J.J. and lives each day to spend as much time with his family which includes his three children: Melody Lexi, Jessica Joy and Lucas “J.R.” As a true Northern Nevadan, Jeff also enjoys the great outdoors playing endless rounds of golf, fly-fishing the region’s clear rushing waters, skiing the High Sierra and traveling with family and friends.

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Property Management Administration
Contract Negotiation Financial Analysis
Market/Competitive Analysis Strategic Planning
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