Past Listing & Tenant Deals

Our Approach

Our goal at Sky West is more than just excellent service and representation. We take a personal interest in your business and measure our performance by your success.

At Sky West, we know that every client has individual and specific goals so we customize our plan and approach to meet and exceed those needs.

Our clients will tell you that we know what it takes to turn a lead into a lease or sale and the dedication it takes to make a project or leasing campaign successful. We go the extra mile to review the contracts inside and out to close an escrow as efficiently and effectively for all involved.

If you are considering the sale of your property, now or in the next few years, Sky West

can help you develop the right exit strategy to maximize the value through our commercial brokerage assistance.

Our Buyers & Sellers

Our Buyers & Sellers are in the driver seat in commercial real estate. Sky West has bought and sold Retail, Office, Apartments & Industrial buildings for Clients over the past 20 years. We are owners of Commercial Real Estate and know the hurdles and steps to walk a Buyer through to be successful not only in the transaction but also in long term ownership. A property is a winner if it is purchased correctly and we have the resources and background to help you with your next purchase.

Our list of Buyers and Sellers is confidential, which I am sure you can respect and appreciate. We are happy to provide a list of clients or references to talk to if you need.

Please give us a call to schedule a time to meet and discuss your Commercial Real Estate Need. We look forward to working with you.

Our Tenant Representation

Sky West is a tenant just like you. We have been tenants since 1995 so we know the issues that surround a lease and believe me there are many:

• What are the Financial obligation(s)

• Type of Lease – NNN, Gross or Modified Gross – Which is the best lease for me?

• Attorney Review of Lease – What risks to I bear if I sign this without my attorney looking at it and how much will it cost me?

• How much Free Rent – Can we get one month, two months or more free if I sign a 5 year lease?

• Tenant Improvements (“TI’s”) – Who pays for customizing the space? Landlord or Tenant?

• Term of Lease – Month to Month, 1 Year, 3 Year, 5 Year?

• Financial performance – My company is struggling and I cannot afford a lot of rent.

• Services customized – What do I get for that much money every month?

• Location

• Who pays for the Lights, Security, Heat, A/C

• Can I get my needs met and will the owner of the building be around in a year.

• Is the property in default?

• What if there is a new owner, will we get along?

• If I grow can I expand into more space next door?

Tenants are very important to us at Sky West. We pride ourselves in helping find the right suite (or property) for your business needs – Whether in Office, Retail, Industrial, Land or Apartments.

We like to work directly with owners of a company. Perhaps the most interesting part of our job is to learn about your company, your industry, are you growing, where is your industry headed, etc. If we do our job right we find the perfect location and hope that you stay for 20 years or more.

Tenant Representation means we ‘Represent the Tenant”. We sit with you to understand your specific needs, your company history and background and where you are growing or headed.

Every day we get calls from tenants looking for help. Tenants have needs as much as owners and Sky West is here to help.

Time is money in business and we know how important a good location is for a tenant. If you are able to operate efficiently you can make more money. That is why SKY WEST tries hard to match the right property for your business.

Tenants are the life blood of a building. Tenants are the reason vendors have a job and buildings can operate.

Please call us to sit and discuss your needs.

A few of our Past Listing and/or Tenant Deals:

• Goodwill of Southern California

• Genther Masonry Boise

• State Appellate Trial Lawyers Boise

• Bikrum Yoga

• Max Muscle

• Pool Spas of America

• Reno Furniture Gallery

• Terracon

• Saturna Trust

• Washoe County

• 1645 D Street – Leased

• 3335 Kietzke – Leased

• 285 Los Altos Parkway – Sold

• Wedge Parkway – 16520 Wedge – Leased.

• 480 E. Prater Way – Sold

• Kendell Creek – Sold







Kendell Creek - Marketing Flyer (Brokers)-1










• 1340 Ralston – Leased

• 341 University Terrace – Sold

• 335 Kietzke – Leased

Please call Sky West today to assist you with your next Commercial Real Estate Assignment. We look forward to working with you.