Question: How do you find a job in this economy?

Question: How do you find a job in this economy?

I watched my brother go from one of the top jobs in London working for Rank Group to his dream job back in the United States. First, he decided which city he wanted to live in (which was San Francisco) and then decided which company he wanted to work with and walked right in the front door. He asked to do a paper on the company and upon review of his work, the company, Skywalker Sound for George Lucas, hired him! He now runs the company.

The importance of this story is the lesson learned of living a life free and focused. My brother did exactly what other college students need to do: Be committed to themselves and the goals they want to accomplish. My brother also taught me that if you are focused and determined you can achieve anything you desire.

Students often have a perception that a college degree will guarantee a decent salary. Sadly enough, those days are gone. These days it is about getting in and proving yourself and showing the team that you belong and can add value. At Sky West we have and continue to hire interns based on interns showing up and showing interest. We teach them how to be a part of a company and encourage them to become a part of the company culture. We assign them detailed tasks that are aligned with their college major and skill set, and if they show that they are capable we give them more complex projects. After 90 days we sit down with them to re-visit their goals, discuss their needs and what other challenges they would like to tackle.

This is what more companies need to do. This is what more students need to do. Find your interest and walk through the front door and meet with the president and tell them that you want an opportunity to help out. Before you know it they cannot do the work without you and you have created the life you want.

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