Robert Little

Some projects of distinction:

The Human Bridge Project, Guangdong, PRC

Mr. Little provided the engineering, construction, coating technology and supervision for workers in Mainland China of one of the largest Bridges in the world.

Beading Electric, USA

Responsible for project acquisition for large electrical construction projects with ARCO Petroleum, Southern California Edison, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, and others too numerous to name. Mr. Little supervised the construction of large electrical sub-stations, fiber optic networks for ARCO and high-tension power lines and towers for Southern California Edison.

China National Railway, PRC

Partnered with Engine & Electric and played key role in design, development and exportation of custom manufactured generator equipment for use in transportation and the growth of the China National Railway.  Sales exceeded $12,000,000.

Daya Bay Nuclear Plant, PRC

Mr. Little managed a team of men as part of the only U.S. contractor to meet the high standards necessary to complete work at the facility in China.


For many years Mr. Little held the position of Director of Development at Bridgeport Community Development.  In this capacity Mr. Little was responsible for the acquisitions, strategic planning and development of over $150,000,000 in commercial, industrial and residential property in the state of Nevada.  He has built over 500 homes, several mid-rise buildings, 20 plus large Concrete Industrial Buildings, two large Senior Apartment projects and completed several problem projects for banks.

Mr. Little had the singular vision to lead a large Power Company in its efforts to become the leading company in the power industry for utilization of greener technology in big power.  The commitment to making this company a leader in changing the way the industry deals with emission standards and pollution problems ensured the long term success. Mr. Little’s greatest abilities lay in the penetration of markets and his ability to design implement and execute a market plan.

Mr. Little is a combat decorated member of the U.S. Army Special Forces a “Green Beret” and a Decorated Vietnam Combat Veteran and enjoys golf, surfing, skiing, fishing and the study of foreign languages.

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