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One of the strengths of our company is that our clients’ can and do depend on us to assist them with our keen understanding of the power of targeted sales marketing. Gone are the days of only using traditional marketing methods to get the word out about commercial properties for sale.  Today, it’s much more complex with a need to integrate both the traditional as well as modern marketing methods to get the word to the street.

At Sky West, we offer a wide variety of sales and marketing support systems to help our clients stay out of the clutter and stay in the forefront of the commercial sales market.

The lifeblood of any real estate transaction is the power of relationships and good old’ fashioned face-to-face communication.

Integrated Marketing

Any successful marketing plan must be multi-faceted and aggressively implemented. Upon being named the exclusive representative for the property, we will institute a variety of traditional as well as modern marketing programs that include yet are not limited to:

  • Demographic profiling
  • Web-based promotions
  • Internet advertising
  • Television advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Social marketing
  • Broker collaborations  
  • Sky West network
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Direct mail
  • Neighborhood prospecting
  • Property signage
  • Data base resourcing

Development of a comprehensive Marketing Package:

  • Property Brochure
  • Photographs
  • Property Description
  • Site Plan
  • Area Description
  • Area Maps
  • Demographics
  • Property Website


One of the keys to a successful project is for the property to have an identity or ‘brand’ that helps to create value for the overall investment. Not many owners or developers are aware of this important marketing concept for a piece of real estate. In order for a property to have value, it has to have a story. It is the story that sells the property; and we’re great story tellers.


The lifeblood of any real estate transaction is the power of relationships and good old’ fashioned face to face communication.  With connections throughout the United States, and a data base pushing four thousand potential investors, Sky West offers a pool of resources from which to find the right buyer for the right property.  Throughout each step of the sales process, we continually strengthen those relationships through forthright communication and superior service.

Download our full Marketing & Sales process PDF document


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