Sky West History

Sky West started in 1987 in Phoenix, AZ when I was a grunt at Scott Jackson Brokerage. As the brokerage company focused in Industrial Real Estate I walked the industrial parks, going door to door looking for listings, in August when it was 115 degrees out. Of course all I could afford were the cheap wool suits but it was a start. I decided to go to Graduate School and get a better education in Real Estate.

I was lucky to land in a great real estate graduate program (One of the best in the country Univ. of Denver) and did learn the real estate business.

However, I did not really get to put my books to real world experience until 1993 when I joined Lands of Sierra, the commercial real estate development company for Northern Nevada’s Power Company, NV Energy, formerly Sierra Pacific Power Co.

As the financial analyst for the President and controller I  learned that it was not a large team that was able to build a $500M company, only about 7 people. We built the first Home Depot in RENO, along with other commercial projects that helped me understand and really learn the commercial development business.

We built office buildings, retail shopping centers, residential and commercial pads, Build to ­suit corporate stores as well as residential horizontal development to sell high-end residential lots.

In 1996 I was asked to join family in Los Angeles. Commercial real estate was half of what we did. We sold, bought, invested, managed and developed multiple 150 unit Apartments projects, Commercial shopping centers, office buildings, single use commercial buildings from Phoenix to Seattle, Boise to Las Vegas and throughout Nevada and California.

 After more than 20 years Sky West has grown to manage many assets and build a number of sister companies in Nevada and California. We are growing. The organizational chart below is the plan that we are currently executing .