Sky West is a progressive leader when it comes to marketing.  Most Brokerage, Leasing or Sales companies have lost their way.  They put a sign on the property and list a creative flyer on a few websites and pass it around to brokers in the community, then they wait for the phone to ring.  Sky West believes that one third of the commission is to be dedicated to marketing the listing, sale or commercial property. 

Why I Love Reno

That is why you see TV, Radio, Print, Direct Mail, PR and other marketing mediums employed.  Sky West also works with the owner or tenant to create a story and customize a marketing plan that fits for the market, timing in the market and the customers’ expectations.  Today it takes more than just a sign and a flyer, it takes thinking outside the box.  Please take a second to review some past marketing efforts and call Sky West to customize a plan for your property.  We look forward to working with you.  Enjoy.


SkyWest Services Television Spot 1

 SkyWest Services Television Spot 2

 SkyWest Services Television Spot 3


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